• Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

    AET brings together the communities and organizations of Amboseli to develop land use practices that improve the livelihoods and well-being through the coexistence of people and wildlife with a vision to keep the Amboseli Ecosystem rangelands open, diverse and healthy for the benefit of people and wildlife.

  • Laikipia Wildlife Forum

    Laikipia Wildlife Forum is a membership conservation organization supporting, coordinating and facilitating natural resource management, ensuring a consistent integrity and improvement of livelihoods within the greater Laikipia.

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  • Lamu Conservation Trust

    The Lamu Conservation Trust is a community conservation initiative conserving the indigenous cultures, wildlife and marine ecologies of the greater Lamu eco-region.

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  • Northern Rangelands Trust

    NRT is an umbrella organization working to develop resilient community conservancies which transform people's lives, secure peace, and conserve natural resources. NRT represents 19 conservancies covering over two million hectares within northern Kenya.

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    • Biliqo-Bulesa Community Conservancy
    • Il Ngwesi Community Trust
    • Kalama Community Conservancy
    • Lekurruki Conservation Trust
    • Leparua Community Conservancy
    • Ltungai Community Conservancy
    • Meibae Community Conservancy
    • Melako Conservancy
    • Mpus Kutuk Community Conservancy
    • Naibunga Conservancy Trust
    • Nakuprat-Gotu Community Conservancy
    • Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust
    • Nasuulu Community Wildlife Conservancy
    • Ndera Community Conservancy
    • Ngare Ndare Forest Trust
  • Southern Rangeland Association of Landowners

    SORALO is a community based trust representing the interest of land owners in 15 group ranches located between the Amboseli and the Maasai Mara bringing land owners together for effective management of resources, livelihood improvements and addressing threats and challenges facing the south Rift Valley region.

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    • Suswa Conservancy
    • Shompole Conservancy
    • Olkiramatian Conservancy
    • Mailwa Conservancy
  • Northern Rangelands Trust - Coastal

    NRT – Coast is an umbrella not for profit community conservation organization supporting existing and emerging conservancies in the North coast of Kenya coordinating sustainable natural resource management, livelihood development and poverty reduction.

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    • Awer Community Conservancy
    • Hanashak-Nyogoro Community Conservancy
    • Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy
    • Lower Tana Delta Conservation Trust
    • Ndera Community Conservancy
    • Pate Marine Community Conservancy
  • Tsavo Trust

    Tsavo Trust is a Kenyan non-profit organization supporting communities in the greater Tsavo ecosystem to ensure the survival, security and ecological integrity of the regions natural landscape. Tsavo Trust works with communities in Ukambani, Orma, Kulalua and Galana to develop revenue-earning potential of the region while enhancing environmental conservation.

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  • Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association

    Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association is an umbrella organization for conservancies in the greater Maasai Mara ecosystem working with land owners on ecosystem management, social development and safeguarding of communal and private land.

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    • Mara North Conservancy
    • Naboisho Conservancy
    • Olaro Motorogi Conservancy
    • Olderikesi Conservancy
    • Siana Conservancy
  • Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association

    Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association is a regional membership organization for conservancies and ranches in the Taita Taveta ecosystem working with ranch share holders and communities to safeguard wildlife and wildlife habitat, promote sound range management for the benefit of the land owners and the people of Taita Taveta county.

  • Rift Lakes Conservancies Association

    Rift Lakes Conservancies Association was registered in April 2014 to bring together conservancies located within the floor of the Rift Valley spanning the area between Mt. Longonot, Lake Naivasha, Lake Elementaita, Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria. The association brings together community and pprivate conservancies and ranches that secure wildlife corridors and habitats.

  • Western Wildlife Conservancies Association

    Western Wildlife Conservancies Association was registered in April 2014 is currencty at its nascent stage of development. it is located within the larger Western Kenya, Nyanza and North Rift.

  • Athi Kapiti Wildlife Concervancies Association

    Athi Kapiti Wildlife Conservancies Association was registereed in April 2014 and is currently at its nascent stage of development. It is within the Athi-Kapiti landscape located within northern Kajiado and Machakos counties.




Our Mission

To work with landowners and communities to sustainably conserve and manage wildlife and their habitat outside formal protected areas for the benefit of the people of Kenya.

Our Vision

A Kenya in which people and wildlife coexist in mutual benefit.