KWCA Publishes a Conservancy Managers Handbook for Leading and Managing Conservancies

Posted: 3rd Mar 2017 01:00:00 AM

Conservancy Managers Handbook
KWCA Conservancy Managers Handbook for Leading and Managing Conservancies

Conservancies have been recognized as tools for community development, wildlife conservation, climate change adaptation and as a value addition to livestock. However, managing a conservancy to achieve the aforementioned is a complex undertaking. It involves balancing many differing interests among various stakeholders— land-owners, resident/neighboring communities, conservationists, investors, researchers, policy makers, staff, government agencies, among others.

KWCA recognizes the pivotal role a conservancy manager plays in the management and eventual success of a conservancy. Conservancy managers have to balance the needs of tourism, enterprise development, infrastructure development, community engagement, peace and security, wildlife, livestock and natural resources management which often compete for space and resources within the conservancy. To satisfy the competing land uses it is important that conservancy managers are able to develop and be guided by a conservancy management plan and are able to work with all the stakeholders to accomplish the goals of the conservancy.

KWCA has published conservancy manager's handbook to help enhance the manager's personal skills in leadership and management for the growth and development of conservancies. The handbook seeks to support conservancy managers prioritize and make informed decisions in leading and managing conservancy programmes and its stakeholders.

The handbook also provides multiple skills sets and experiences that managers can use to enhance their capacity in time management, staff management, communication, planning, negotiation techniques, networking, marketing and stakeholder management among other skills in implementing their day to day tasks in the conservancy.

It is our hope that the principles, ideas and techniques used in the handbook will inspire conservancy managers to become more effective and productive in managing the conservancies and their work to be used as success stories to better our people, wildlife and environment. The handbook has been produced with support from WWF Kenya, USAID Kenya and The Nature Conservancy.

To download the copy of the conservancy managers click here.


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