KWCA adopts a New Governing Structure

Posted: 10th Apr 2017 12:45:00 PM

KWCA adopts a New Governing Structure
KWCA adopts a New Governing Structure

KWCA held its AGM on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at CORAT Africa, Nairobi attended by 105 conservancy member representatives. The AGM approved the creation of the National Conservancies Council (NCC) and the KWCA Executive Committee (EC). The AGM remains the apex organ for decision making while the NCC will be the assembly of elected representatives, one for each of the 10 KWCA regions. NCC will make decisions regarding substantive changes to KWCA membership, strategy and act as a linkage between KWCA and the conservancies. The Executive Committee will draw 4 office bearers from NCC and an additional 3 independent experts who will make decisions on management, fundraising and programme supervision.

The new structure is designed to enhance KWCA performance and ability to deliver its mandate given the complexity of the issues and the need to become more effective. The structure was agreed on following capacity building trainings and development of an organizational strengthening plan process supported by Maliasili initiatives and The Nature Conservancy.


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