KWCA publishes a Guide on Establishing a Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

Posted: 27th Jun 2016 08:08:00 AM

Establishing a Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya Guide
Guide on Establishing a Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association has published a guide dubbed Establishing a wildlife conservancy in Kenya for community and private land owners aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of key principles and practises of establishing a functional conservancy. The guide outlines the processes, policies and resources required to establish and manage a conservancy on community and private land and provides useful information for existing conservancies, researchers and training institutions with lessons learned and practical examples used from across the country particularly community conservancies in Northern Kenya, Group Conservancies in the Mara and Amboseli and private conservancies in Laikipia.

The publication of the book was made possible by support from GEF UNDP Small Grants Program and the Nature Conservancy.

Download the book from here.
PDF 5.6 MB



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