KWCA Supports KWS to Develop Guidelines for Preparing Protected Areas Management Plans

Posted: 26th Jul 2016 08:00:00 AM

KWS Management Plan Guidelines Validation Workshop
Management Plan Guidelines Validation Workshop with stakeholders at KWS offices

The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) has catalyzed and supported the development of guidelines for preparing management plans for National parks, National reserves and private and community conservancies. The guidelines, have been prepared with wide consultation with conservation and community leaders in Kenya. KWCA established a technical committee comprised of experienced individual from key conservation NGOs. Upon approval by KWS, the guidelines will be made available to community conservancies to guide conservancy managers and leaders to formulate their respective management plans. According to the Wildlife Management Act 2013, a management plan is a legal requirement needed for recognition of a conservancy and to access wildlife user rights.

The guidelines validated during a workshop held on 26th April 2016 provides a framework for conservancies to prepare practical and implementable management plans. By preparing and gazetting management plans, conservancies will be better placed to meet the needs of the community members while at the same time conserving biodiversity. The plans further enable conservancies to deter illegal activities while providing a framework for partners to support relevant programs prioritized by the community members. The Wildlife Act 2013, provides a penalty of not less than Khs 100,000 for contravening a gazetted management plan providing an opportunity for conservancies to better regulate activities within their area of jurisdiction.

"When doing a human wildlife analysis, it came to light that wardens take long to review management plans thus delaying the process and causing CWCC to have a lot of pressure on the ground. These guidelines are welcomed." Johnson Sipitiek, Chairperson Narok County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committee (CWCCC).


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