Wildlife Conservation and Management Regulations Finalized, Awaiting Gazettement

Posted: 15th Nov 2016 01:22:00 AM

Wildlife Conservation and Management Regulations
KWCA and other wildlife sector stakeholders at the Bomas of Kenya

KWCA joined other wildlife sector stakeholders on Friday 4th November 2016 at the Bomas of Kenya to review and finalize 18 Wildlife Regulations and one guideline. The regulations were being validated after 3 years since the enactment of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2013.

KWCA and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has supported KWS in coordinating conservancy members to participate in drafting the regulations through public consultations. KWCA further identified 6 regulations and one guideline i.e. the Conservancy regulations; Access, incentives and benefit sharing regulations; Compensation regulations; Community participation regulations, Bioprospecting regulations and protected areas management plan guidelines had a direct impact on the operations and management of conservancies. The protected areas management plan guideline was financially and technically supported by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and KWCA which requires every park, reserve and conservancy to be managed through a gazetted management plan.

To ensure conservancies effective contribution in reviewing the regulations, KWCA successfully hosted a pre-validation meeting to consolidate the opinions from its conservancy members. The conservancy stakeholders emphasized the need to ensure regulations are simple, enabling and do not create a new bureaucracy or increase costs of managing conservancies thereby making conservancies to be more donor dependent. Among the recommendations proposed was to waiver registration fees and subsidize the costs for Conservancy wildlife scouts as an incentive mechanism to encourage wildlife conservation in Kenya. The group noted over regulation of conservancies would hinder landowner's conservation efforts due to disincentives provided for in the regulations. They called on the government to provide incentives and recognize their efforts in protecting Kenya's national heritage instead of providing land use control regulations. The group proposed the entire access, incentives and benefit sharing regulations be re-drafted to create better incentives to encourage landowners to conserve.

KWCA thanked KWS for considering the proposed recommendations which will finally be gazetted into law. The pre-validation was supported by WWF Kenya and the national validation meeting supported by USAID Community Policy Support program and The Nature Conservancy.


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