KWCA is a national membership organization registered under the societies Act that serves the interests and represents the collective desires of Kenyan communities and private land owners living with wildlife.

We believe that with the right laws, incentives, support, information and experience, conservancies have the potential to transform local livelihoods and conservation efforts for Kenya.

There are two membership categories

  1. Full members include community and private conservancies registered in Kenya whose main objective includes wildlife conservation. Game farms, sanctuaries, game ranches and nature parks

    Becoming a full member

    Membership is voluntary and subject to the approval of the KWCA board upon payment of the membership registration fee of is Kshs. 5,000/= and an annual subscription fee of Kshs. 10,000/= (total 15,000)

  2. Affiliate members include organizations that interface with wildlife conservation and whose membership of KWCA is a benefit to the association.

    Becoming an affiliate member

    Wildlife conservation NGO’s, private sector, investors, donor agencies and institutions that interface with wildlife conservation can apply as affiliate members.

Why Join KWCA

  1. Gain a stronger voice to advocate for better and enabling policies, laws and regulations that affect conservancies.
  2. Learn from and network with other conservancies.
  3. Access information including fundraising opportunities, technical meetings, training and KWCA conservancy tools and best practice guides.
  4. Help nominate county and national representatives to various boards such as the Kenya Wildlife Services Board and County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committees.
  5. Gain exposure for conservancy through KWCA’s marketing and communication products.
  6. Access to knowledge, best practices and networks at regional and global scales.
  7. Access KWCA's technical and financial support.
  8. Join other like-minded individuals, organizations and communities who are working together to bring about change for the people, wildlife and the country.

Want to become a member? Please fill out the membership form by downloading the form here. Once you complete filling in the form revert back to our administration officer on email to [email protected] who will contact you for further details.


Our Mission

To work with landowners and communities to sustainably conserve and manage wildlife and their habitat outside formal protected areas for the benefit of the people of Kenya.

Our Vision

A Kenya in which people and wildlife coexist in mutual benefit.