KWCA works to promote sustainable wildlife conservation and compatible land uses for better livelihoods. We are currently working with over 140 private and community Conservancies in Kenya through our regional associations to respond to the challenges of poaching, human-wildlife conflict, land degradation and poverty.

We believe that communities and Land-owners if given the necessary support, incentives and have a better policy framework can be the stewards of wildlife conservation.

This program aims to promote:

  • Conservation Monitoring by working with Conservancy managers, field scientists and research institutions to ensure continuous monitoring of the overall status of wildlife populations and their habitats, levels of illegal activities injurious to wildlife and the gains made through conservation actions by conservancies.
  • Conservancy Standards to create attainable business standards, code of conduct and practices and enhance delivery of services to stakeholders and visitors.
  • A step wise rating scheme that encourages conservancies to aim at better performance and adherence to higher levels of operation, the rating scheme promotes high level of community involvement and demonstration of sustainable destination management.
  • To support conservancy engagement in shaping current and future policies, laws, and regulations, while ensuring that the conservancy movement is self-governing and attaining the highest of standards.
  • Increase conservation incentive programs for conservancies.



Our Mission

To work with landowners and communities to sustainably conserve and manage wildlife and their habitat outside formal protected areas for the benefit of the people of Kenya.

Our Vision

A Kenya in which people and wildlife coexist in mutual benefit.