KWCA is dedicated to putting people living with wildlife at the center of conservation

Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is the national umbrella body uniting the dynamic and diverse voices of wildlife conservancies in Kenya to collaborate, innovate and spearhead policies that champion their role  in socio-economic development and sustainable wildlife conservation in the country.

We believe communities  and private landowners living with wildlife hold the power to the country’s sustainable wildlife conservation, as a majority of Kenya’s iconic wildlife and critical wildlife corridors (approximately 65%) reside outside national parks and reserves on these community and private lands.

With over 100 members spread in virtually every corner of the country, we are known for our unshakable commitment to enabling communities and wildlife thrive together in a mutually-beneficial coexistence.

Our Mission

To work with landowners and communities to sustainably conserve and manage wildlife and their habitat outside formal protected areas for the benefit of the people of Kenya.

Our Approach

We put the people living with wildlife at the center of all we do because we know we can only aspire to sustainably protect our iconic wildlife and their habitats if this vital group is engaged and participating in wildlife conservation and deriving environmental and livelihoods benefits from conserving the wildlife.

We achieve this through our three core areas of work:

Advocate for Policy Change

Communities can best conserve wildlife, if assured of their land rights, can access incentives and are legally recognized.  

KWCA is building a national movement of locally owned conservancies by provide an enabling environment with better policies, laws and regulations that support wildlife conservation, conservancy development and enterprises in private and community lands.

Capacity building

KWCA connects conservancy land owners and managers with information and knowledge to meet conservancy best practices and standards. We provide them with tools, resources and linkages needed to conserve wildlife in their land and increase benefits to their community members.

Networking & Communication

KWCA brings together conservancy members and regional associations to learn, share information, contribute their ideas and opinions on conservancy development and in so doing strengthen their role in wildlife conservation and economic development.

The organization currently boasts of a membership of 116 member conservancies from all over Kenya.




  • Authentic Voice

    We are a representative voice of the conservancies’ movement in Kenya and will always strive to uphold the policies related to wildlife and conservancies.

  • Commitment

    We are fully devoted to our vision of a Kenya in which people and wildlife co-exists in mutual benefit. We are thus dedicated to serving our members by responding to their needs and concerns and aiding conservancies to realize their contribution to national
    conservation and development goals

  • Integrity

    We serve in honor, championing the cause of conservancies in Kenya and approaching our partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders with utmost transparency and respect.

  • Innovative

    We place a strong emphasis on discovery. We are always searching for more efficient and effective ways to make a difference in our programmes and support to our member conservancies.

  • Partnerships

    As a nation-wide association, our impact is strongly hinged on successfully bringing together our members, the regional associations and partners to work together to the benefit of each party and the growth of a well-oiled national movement.

Our Theory Of Change