Our Mission

Placing communities at the center of wildlife conservation efforts

Since the emergence of the first conservancies in the 1970s, conservancies have grown in number and their impact has broadened beyond wildlife conservation and tourism.

While wildlife conservation is a key objective, conservancies have the unique power to transform communities while safeguarding our iconic wildlife by uniting communities, promoting peace and security and improving livelihoods.

As the national umbrella body uniting the dynamic and diverse voices of wildlife conservancies in the county, we exist to harness this power.

Our Mission Statement

To enable wildlife conservancies thrive in Kenya.


Our Plan: Local communities derive multiple benefits from the management of land and natural resources under sustainable wildlife conservancies

Our Core Values

  • Authentic Voice

    We are the representative voice of the conservancies’ movement in Kenya, hence we continuously strive to  represent and respond to the needs of wildlife conservancies in the country.

  • Commitment

    We are devoted to building a Kenya where people and wildlife live and thrive in a mutually-beneficial coexistence.

  • Integrity

    We serve with honor, championing the cause of conservancies in Kenya and approaching our partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders with utmost transparency and respect.

  • Innovative

    We are continously searching for more efficient and effective ways to better our programmes and support to our member conservancies.

  • Partnerships

    As a nation-wide association, our impact is strongly hinged on partnerships with likeminded individuals and organisations. We therefore treasure our role of uniting conservancies across the country and being the bridge that links conservanices with the goverment.

Our Theory of Change