Wildlife Conservancy & Sports in Kenya

In the recent past, Kenya has seen an increase in sporting activities supported by various conservancies. Some of these sporting activities are internationally recognized and attract tourists from all over the globe.

In addition to generating direct and indirect income through tourism, the sporting activities also paly a key role in raising funds for various conservancy projects while spreading awareness on specific wildlife and environmental issues.

Below we take a look at some of the  most famous  conservancy sporting activities in Kenya.

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    Lewa Marathon

    Held annually at the Lewa Conservancy  to raise funds for various conservation activities, this marathon attracts amatures and professional runners alike.
    Website: http://www.lewa.org/support-lewa/safaricom-marathon/

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    Maasai Olympics

    This is held biennially at the Sidai Oleng Wildlife Sanctuary to raise awareness on wildlife conservation.

    Website: https://www.maasaiolympics.com/

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    Walk, Run Cycle at Swara Game Sanctuary

    This is held at the Sanctuary in Lukenya in support of the Canini Beehive Children’s Centre.