As a member of KWCA, you will join other like-minded individuals, organizations and communities who are working together to bring about change in Kenya – for People, Wildlife and our country. Together we are stronger.

Key Benefits of KWCA Membership

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    Gain a stronger voice to advocate for better and enabling policies, laws, and regulations that affect conservancies.

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    Have access to a wealth of information, including fundraising opportunities, technical meetings, trainings and KWCA’s conservancy tools and best practice guides.

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    Learn from and network with other conservancies.

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    Gain exposure for your conservancy through KWCA’s marketing and communications products.

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    Participate in decision-making by helping nominate county and national representatives to various boards, such as the Kenya Wildlife Services board and County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committees.

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    Access KWCA’s technical and financial support.

Membership Types


KWCA full membership is open to community and private conservancies registered in Kenya whose main objective is wildlife conservation, such as:

Game Farms
Game Ranches
Nature Parks


KWCA affiliate membership is open to organizations that interface with wildlife conservation, such as:

Wildlife Conservation NGOs
Private Sector
Donor Agencies
Institutions that interface with wildlife conservation
Want to become an affiliate member? Download the form HERE and email it to [email protected]