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Uniting the dynamic and relentless voices of Wildlife Conservancies in Kenya

With the majority of Kenya’s conservancies as our members, KWCA is a national representative and independent body for conservancies in the country. KWCA’s members and primary beneficiaries are community and private conservancies that make up our membership. It is their voice and interests we listen to and serve.


KWCA is mandated to advocate for favourable policies and incentives at national and landscape levels to advance the conservancy network. It is a membership-based organisation driven by the grassroots and uniquely positioned to collectively represent the conservancy network’s issues.


We strongly believe that conservancies go far beyond just wildlife conservation. They improve livelihoods, unite communities, promote wildlife and community co-existence, strengthen local democracy, and preserve cultures and traditions.


We strive to ensure our members and wildlife conservation stakeholders in Kenya understand the above benefits and are empowered to work together to sustainably conserve and manage the country’s iconic wildlife that is found outside state-protected areas for the benefit of the people of Kenya.


Our membership is comprised of 154 conservancy members spread across 28 counties. Community Conservancies form a significant percentage of our membership (79), followed by Private (45), Group ( 25) and Co-managed (4)

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