Placing Communities at the Center of Wildlife Conservation

Policy Advocacy

We believe that the private, group and community landowners who have dedicate their land to wildlife conservation are at the heart of sustainable wildlife conservation.

Networking & Communication

KWCA brings together conservancy members and regional associations to share information, contribute their ideas and opinions.

Capacity Building

KWCA aids its members to formulate attainable business standards, code of conduct and practices that enhance the ability of its member conservancies to deliver services to their visitors and stakeholders to encourage conservancies to aim for better performance and adherence to higher levels of operation.

As the sole national conservancies association in the country, Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) brings together conservancies across Kenya to enhance sharing of best practices, harmonize standards and more so ensure that the voice of this vital group, which is at the heart of wildlife conservancy in the country, is firm, united and audible, not just at the grassroots but at the county and national levels. We do so through our three core areas.

Engage in Conservation