Capacity Building

KWCA aids its members to formulate attainable business standards, code of conduct and practices that enhance the ability of its member conservancies to deliver services to their visitors and stakeholders to encourage conservancies to aim for better performance and adherence to higher levels of operation.

Additionally, we make tools, insights, ideas and best practices on effective conservancy and wildlife management accessible to our more than 100 members across the country.

Our capacity building program entails:

  • Building capacity of regional associations to better support and engage with conservancies. For example, improving goevrance systems to enancet strategic and sustaianability plans, embrace transparency, accountability and spend management.
  • Development of conservancy tools, such as the State of Conservancies Report, the Managers Handbook, the Standard Operating Procedures Guide and the Management Plan Guidelines.
  • We support the development of sustainable conservancy financing by fostering collaborative partnerships with national and international funding agencies as well as private investors and establishing sustainable funding mechanisms that support operations and implementation of programs that enhance wildlife conservation and development of communities.