We believe communities can best conserve wildlife if they are legally recognised, assured of their land rights, can access incentives and benefits from conservation.

It is for this reason that we continue to be heavily involved in advocating for national and county policies, laws and programmes that support the establishment and growth of wildlife conservancies in the country.

Engaging Influencers

We utilise our sit in the board of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to amplify the voices of wildlife conservancies at the national level, create linkages and awareness by highlighting what works and pointing out the gaps in regard to conservation policies.

Reviewing and Advocating for the Implementation of Policies

We continuously evaluates laws relating to wildlife conservation and relationship between wildlife and human activities, identifying policy priorities areas for interventions and preparing policy positions to present to media and policy makers. We also ensure our members are aware of/abide by laws relating to wildlife conservation.

Promoting/Enabling Inclusivity

Our purpose is strongly hinged on uniting and representing the diverse and dynamic players in wildlife conservation. We thus strive to make sure the process of developing conservancy policies and the policies themselves are a representation of this diversity and incorporate the views and issues of all players, including minority groups such as women and youth.