We pride ourselves in our ability to unite the voices of wildlife conservancies in Kenya.

Our extensive network and our membership of more than 100 enable us to bring together stakeholders in wildlife conservancy from across the country to engage and collaborate and in so doing strengthen the role of wildlife conservancies in the country.

Creating Linkages

Our extensive network provides an accessible and available space for the diverse voices and stakeholders in wildlife conservation to interact, share ideas and best practices and collaborate, thus avoid duplication of efforts.

Organising Conservancy Forums

We organise national forums and conferences that bring together the key wildlife conservation stakeholders in the country to take stock, re-energise and re-strategise. Currently, our two biggest conferences are:

(a) The KWCA National Conservancy Leaders’ Forum: Held annually, this forum brings together all the chairpersons of community, private and group conservancies in the country to deliberate, collaborate and address the challenges facing wildlife conservancies in Kenya.

(b) The National Conservancy Rangers Forum: Held during the World Rangers Day, this forum provides a platform for conservancy rangers to discuss insights on standards and operating procedures for wildlife scouts. Through it, KWCA has provided training targeted at increasing the capacity of rangers in work performance.

Media Engagement

KWCA works closely with the media to highlight the plights as well as milestones of wildlife conservancies in the country. We are also starting to adopt digital tools and platforms to extend the reach of our conversation and dialogue in our quest to lead the next generation of conservation solutions in Kenya.