Wildlife in Kenya

In Kenya, landowners hold the power to determine whether wildlife flourish or perish.

Kenya’s wildlife and diverse habitat are among the country’s most valuable assets. Wildlife tourism is the cornerstone of the economy. The treasured species such as elephant, lion, rhino and migratory herd mammals combined with iconic landscapes, water bodies and cultures to attract tourist and generate income and employment.

Kenya’s future prosperity as described in National development Plans hinges on a healthy wildlife population and a growing tourism industry. A strong Park and Reserve system has provided a great opportunity for Kenya.

Outside the Parks and Reserves where majority of wildlife occur and eco-tourism opportunities remain underexploited are threatened by human settlement, poaching, farming and construction of infrastructure. In the last 3 decades, human population has more than doubled and the government’s effort to provide services often clashes with conservation. The country’s wildlife population has reduced by more than half and the tourism industry faces stagnation.

Conservancies Statistics

Number of Conservancies


Total Acreage Covered

6,228,096 Ha

Land Covered Country-wide


Number of Scouts


Number of Beneficiaries


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KWCA Publishes a Conservancy Managers Handbook for Leading and Managing Conservancies

KWCA Conservancy Managers Handbook for Leading and Managing Conservancies

Conservancies have been recognized as tools for community development, wildlife conservation, climate change ad...

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World Wildlife Day 2017: Strengthening Wildlife Conservancies to Reduce Wildlife Declines

World Wildlife Day 2017: Strengthening Wildlife Conservancies to Reduce Wildlife Declines

As we celebrate World Wildlife Day on Friday 3rd march 2017, We reflect on a research article rel...

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Women's Rights on Community Land Begin to take Shape

Joyce Lemomo (left) and Joyce Kimiti after attending KWCA's Community Land Act 2016 Awareness Workshop in Amboseli

Land matters among the Maasai community have been a preserve of theme. C...

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Wildlife Conservation and Management Regulations Finalized, Awaiting Gazettement

KWCA and other wildlife sector stakeholders at the Bomas of Kenya

KWCA joined other wildlife sector stakeholders on Friday 4th November 2016 at the Bomas of Kenya to review and finalize ...

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OpEd: Conservancies Role in Wildlife Protection

OpEd: Conservancies' Role in Wildlife Protection Standard Media Cut-out

"The Stories of land owners and communities as conservation agents hasn't received the attention it deserves. By es...

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Conservancies Feted for Promoting Sustainable Tourism

KWCA policy Coordinator handing over a certificate to Jake Grieves-Cook of Ol Kinyei Conservancy the 1st runner ups of the Eco warrior Community conservancy Award

The 11th edition of the ...

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