We are working with landowners and communities to sustainably conserve and manage wildlife and their habitat outside state protected areas.

Our Core Areas


Policy Advocacy

Providing a platform through which communities can advocate for better conservancy laws and incentives.


Networking & Communication

Bringing together conservancies throughout the country to learn, collaborate and influence regional and national change.


Capacity Building

KWCA provide our members with tools, resources & linkages to better their conservancy management & service delivery.

Status of Conservancies in Kenya

Sixty five percent (65%) of Kenya’s wildlife occur outside national parks, on land owned by communities or individuals. This translates to approximately 6.4 million hectares of land covered by conservancies where more than 800,000 communities live. Conservancies thus play a critical in the sustainable conservation of wildlife in the country.

When people are willing stewards, wildlife flourishes. It is for this reason that we work directly with the people living side by side with wildlife, building their capacity through training and bringing them together through one national umbrella to share best practices, collaborate and influence policy that will enable a society where people and wildlife live in a mutually-beneficial coexistence.

Acres of Land

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Conservancy Rangers in Kenya are recognised under the Wildlife Act 2013 as wildlife security officers and as an important resource in minimising wildlife threats in the National Wildlife Conservation and Management Strategy

KWCA in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service is working to improve the working conditions of rangers and to ensure their capacity is enhanced to effectively carryout their duties.

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