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The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is a national landowner led membership organisation, established in 2013 to serve the collective interests of over 174 community and private conservancies. KWCA works to create an enabling environment for conservancies to thrive by advocating for the right policies, laws and incentives and supporting them through information sharing, and capacity building. KWCA recognises that conservancies represent a strong mechanism to promote wildlife stewardship and custodianship by local communities and landowners that share land with wildlife.


Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association is governed by the National Conservancies Council (NCC) board. The NCC is made up of representatives of the Regional Associations nominated at each Regional Association and subsequently elected and approved by members at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The NCC consists of the said representatives above, together with the Four (4) office bearers being the Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. In May 18th 2022 an AGM was held and new members were elected to the board.


KWCA is dedicated to driving effective corporate governance in all its undertakings with all stakeholders. This we intend to achieve by ensuring that our board understands the rules, processes and procedures applicable in undertaking their mandate provided in KWCA constitution. We also believe that our Board are the primary force influencing KWCA’s corporate governance. We know that bad corporate governance can cast doubt on our operations and ultimately deny us the achievement of our theory of change.


Given our mandate and the election of new members to the board, we need to ensure that the board is brought up to speed and that the board has the capacity to govern the association in a manner that is transparent, fair, accountable, and responsible.


Objective of the assignment

KWCA is looking to engage services from a firm/agency to undertake the induction of board members to build their capacity on leadership, governance, their responsibility, and corporate strategy.

Scope of Work

  1. Inception meeting to comprehensively understand the TOR and KWCA structure
  2. Desk review of KWCA corporate governance documents including; Constitution, corporate governance policy, board charter and code of conduct among others.
  3. Develop training materials covering but not limited to the below areas;
  • Code of conduct of board members
  • Conduct of Board Meeting
  • Leadership values and principles, Values
  • Effective mechanisms of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Stakeholder rights & obligations
  1. Conduct a 2-day board training



  1. Board training facilitation plan
  2. Post workshop training report


Duration of the Assignment

The consultant should be available to start work in October 2022 and should plan on completing the assignment within 4 working days

Required qualifications and skills

The consultant must meet the following specifications:

  1. Master’s degree in Business Administration, Law, leadership and governance, or other areas of relevance to this consultancy.
  2. Evidence of developing effective systems including all governance documents, policies and processes for decision making and monitoring and executing trainings on the same.
  3. Ability to evaluate the functions of management and the board.
  4. Consultant must be able to communicate effectively with boards and management in addressing governance issues.
  5. The company should be able to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism and sound judgement


Submission of Proposal

The proposal should demonstrate sound knowledge, technical skills and capacity as required by the nature of work of the assignment and understanding of the requisite tasks set forth in the scope of work.

Eligible companies/agencies should submit the following;

  1. Technical and financial proposals
  2. Date and activity schedule
  3. CV of designated personnel
  4. Minimum of 4 recommendations from previous assignments


The proposals should be emailed to [email protected] indicating clearly on the email header the title of the consultancy by Friday 9th September, 2022

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