Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is the national representative body and voice for the community and private wildlife conservancies in Kenya. As an umbrella body, KWCA’s role is to help catalyse the conservancy movement by connecting, informing, convening, and representing private and community landowners and other key stakeholders in a shared effort to make wildlife conservancies thrive in Kenya. KWCA supports these conservancies through landscape conservancy associations as umbrella organisations at the landscape levels through which conservancies can have a voice, collaborate, share insights and best practices, integrate development planning, and manage conservancies at a large scale.


In the last three years, KWCA has been implementing the WWF Voices for Diversity project to progressively build the capacity and network of community rangers in the country. It is imperative for conservancies to maintain, uphold quality standards and carry out best practices as well as spearhead inclusive and sustainable wildlife conservation efforts in the country. To this end, we have developed conservancy tools and reports, including a guideline for conservancies on Human Rights best practices.


KWCA is looking to engage a trainer/ facilitator to conduct a 3- day Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop. The training of trainers will target selected conservancy rangers and landscape coordinators and is expected to cover the basics of human rights, including unpacking what Human Rights mean and what human rights they enjoy, in which documents they have been laid down, and how they may be protected and enforced the training will also be guided by KWCA’s human rights guideline handbook for conservancies, the Game Rangers Association Africa’s minimum guideline for rangers regarding human rights and other relevant documents.



The overall objective of this consultancy is to Empower participants with knowledge on human rights and enable them to cascade this information to the conservancy level.

  • The training will be conducted physically in a format that enables mutual engagement between facilitator and participants.
  • The Participants will be drawn from the 12 landscapes associations across the country comprising of a conservancy ranger and landscape coordinator.
  • The training will be held for three days.


The consultant will undertake the following tasks;

  • Develop a detailed program and concept for the workshop
  • Deliver an interactive training for all participants
  • Produce a training report outlining material covered, observations per session, and overall recommendations.



  • Experience and expertise in the design and delivery of bespoke Human Rights training to meet organisational requirements
  • Experience in conducting Human Rights in the local and regional context
  • Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of Kenya’s human rights status and human rights in conservation
  • Experience, understanding of, and ability to work successfully in the local culture, with awareness of the audience capacities and their needs



The consultant will submit Technical and Financial proposals based on the Terms of

Reference outlined above.

The Technical Proposal should indicate:

  1. Proposed approach to be taken for the implementation of the consultancy
  2. Full Curriculum Vitae
  3. The Financial Proposal should have a detailed budget breakdown with a work plan and costs associated with the assignment, including; professional fees, other costs, and taxes.
  4. Applications should be submitted to [email protected] by 12th September 2022
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