“Conservancies are about reconnecting communities with nature through upholding cultural practices that protected wildlife”- Dickson Kaelo 2018 Tusk Finalist

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Sarah Marshall of the Telegraph interviewed KWCA CEO Dickson Kaelo a 2018 Tusk Awards finalist ahead of the Tusk Awards Ceremony on 7th November 2018.

In the interview, Dickson says the conservancy model was a rangeland management practice that existed  in the past allowing human and wildlife co-existence  “elders would talk about how the presence of wildlife was an indicator of how well they were taking care of the land. They accepted the consequences of living with nature.” he says.

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Dickson a 2018 Tusk Award finalist was nominated for his passion working with communities and conservancy landowners to conserve and benefit from wildlife conservation.

During the award ceremony Dickson has this to say ” Africa requires innovation and stronger partnerships if the needs of the people and wildlife are to be reconciled. Awards like this play a role in motivating Africans working in the remotest corners, under difficult environments and with limited resources to make the changes we all desire. A hearty congratulations to Vincent Opyene for winning the Tusk Conservation for Africa Awards.”

Dickson Kaelo Finalist of the Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa, 2018

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