Peace & Security

Purpose: To promote peace with neighboring Communities as a foundation for economic development and effective planning and management of natural resources.

Conservancy Scouts are also responsible for providing security for residents and visitors to the Conservancy. The need for armed Scouts (National Police Reserve) will depend on the context of each Conservancy and the level of threat to people and wildlife. In areas where inter-tribal conflict is prevalent, usually involving livestock theft, Conservancy Scouts are actively involved in following up and recovering stolen livestock in collaboration with the Police. Scouts also provide security for tourism facilities and it is generally the responsibility of the Conservancy to ensure the safety of visitors.

Conservancies in Northern Kenya are providing a crucial role in peace and conflict resolution. This is usually through creating a platform for dialogue and mediation between different groups of people; Conservancies in these areas commonly have Peace Committees made up of respected elders, facilitate meetings, and engage County government and local administration in mediating conflicts.