Wildlife Management

Purpose: to maintain healthy populations or wildlife, and to increase numbers and diversity through the protection and management of wildlife.

This is primarily the role of Conservancy Scouts and includes anti-poaching patrols, wildlife monitoring, and management of human-wildlife conflict. It may include species research, usually in partnership with research organizations or individuals, and reintroduction of wildlife through translocations which are done in partnership with KWS. A Conservancy may have a Sanctuary within it, where there is more intensive management of a particular species in some cases this may require an area of the Conservancy to be fenced.

Management of wildlife in a Conservancy may also include consumptive utilization of wildlife which will be defined in the Management Plan and requires application to KWS for licensed user-rights.

If you are intending on undertaking consumptive utilization (cropping and culling) of wildlife in your Conservancy this will require more detailed information on how this activity will be managed to be included in your Management Plan and license application to KWS.