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The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is a national landowner led membership organisation, established in 2013 to serve the collective interests of community and private conservancies in Kenya. The national mandate and the challenges faced by the conservancy network requires a robust and well funded KWCA.


KWCA strategic plan outlines an ambitious journey to increase the area under conservancies from the current 11% to 20% by 2030 and strengthen existing conservancies through an enabling policy environment, networking and sharing of best practices. To achieve this, a strong resource base is necessary to support KWCA programmes and core costs. 


To achieve this KWCA developed a Resource Mobilisation Strategy whose goal is to secure the necessary funds to deliver on KWCA’s mandate during the period 2022-2024. The strategy is built around the following objectives: 

  1. Strengthen and maintain existing sources of funds
  2. Diversify into new and emerging sources of funds
  3. Develop the capacity of the KWCA team to mobilise resources and manage partner relations 


To enhance implementation of the strategy, development of a concise fundraising pitch deck is required. The deck is a key component in our resource mobilisation strategy and getting it shared with our partners will garner visibility for KWCA and hopefully funding. 


Objective of the assignment 

The objective of the consultancy is to develop a fundraising pitch deck which highlights in a concise manner the KWCA approach and priorities as outlined in the strategy, approach to resource mobilisation, priority funding needs and anticipated outcomes resulting from the investments. This deck should work well on its own as a visual communication document. The pitch deck is a resource through which KWCA will capture funding partners interest and hence should capture in a compelling way the story of conservancies and the critical role played by KWCA. 

Specific tasks 

  1. Inception meeting with KWCA management to get a clear understanding of the TOR 
  2. Review the KWCA’s Resource Mobilisation Strategy and other documents to gain a better understanding of the organisational programs, funding status and gaps. 
  3. Develop fundraising materials for the pitch deck 
  4. Facilitate disseminating of the deck to prospective donors identified as priority to partner with KWCA 
  5. Facilitate a validation workshop for KWCA for them to internalise the deck 



  1. A pipeline to at least two donor partnerships 
  2. A fundraising pitch deck (hard copy and powerpoint presentation) 
  3. Workshop report 


Required qualifications and skills 

  1. Advanced university degree in Social Sciences, Development, Planning, Business Administration, Communication, or a related field. 
  2.  At least five years of experience in the conservation and development sector. 
  3. Proven experience and success in developing business models and mobilising funds for civil society and non-governmental organisations. 
  4. Excellent knowledge of key donors focused on Low Middle-Income Countries 
  5. Strong analytical, strategic thinking and planning skills and ability to work under tight deadlines. 


Submission of Proposal 

The proposal should demonstrate sound knowledge, technical skills and capacity as required by the nature of work of the assignment and understanding of the requisite tasks set forth in the scope of work. 

The consultant should submit the following. 

  1. Technical and financial proposals 
  2. Date and activity schedule 
  3. CV of designated personnel 
  4. Minimum of 2 recommendations from previous assignments 


The proposals should be emailed to [email protected] indicating clearly on the email header the title of the consultancy by Wednesday 28th October, 2022 

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