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Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA), established in 2013, is the national membership representative for community and private conservancies in Kenya. Our role is to support and catalyse growth of the conservancy movement through advocating for enabling policies and incentives, equip members with information and tools that build their capacity, convene platforms for peer-to peer learning, and serves as a national hub of conservancies data and information. Over 175 conservancies have been identified by KWCA to constitute the network of conservancies in Kenya.  Through these efforts, KWCA envisions a resilient ecosystem, with a strong engagement by all conservancies guided by robust evidence-based decision making both at conservancy & national level for their sustainability and governance. To this extent monitoring, evaluation and learning has been identified as a key pillar in supporting KWCA vision and which call for a robust organisational monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) strategy to support monitoring activities, learning and accountability processes.





The purpose of this assignment is to develop a MEL strategy to institutionalise results-oriented monitoring and evaluation in the programs administered by KWCA. The strategy will guide the integration and implementation of MEL systems, processes and activities into KWCA programs and will serve to inform the organisation’s staff, member conservancies and regional associations as well as other stakeholders of its expectations regarding program MEL. The strategy will outline the purpose of monitoring and evaluation, the range of methods used to monitor and evaluate programs, the roles, and responsibilities of KWCA staff, program participants, and other key stakeholders, and the ways in which monitoring and evaluation information will be used and disseminated to inform decisions regarding program management and implementation.





In order to respond effectively to KWCA programmatic and organisational MEL systems and processes requirements, we envision framing our MEL strategy that will support KWCA achieve the following three objectives;

  • Demonstrate KWCA impact, to showcase the achievements in order to support fundraising efforts through commissioning thematic evaluations as required to understand what has been achieved and what has been learnt across similar projects
  • Improve the quality of evidence about what is being achieved and what works in creating social change through the provision of technical support for regional associations and member conservancies to develop robust and appropriate organisational MEL systems and capacity within their respective landscapes
  • Support KWCA collaboration with other partners in sharing and influencing outcomes of conservation benefits and conservancy model.
  • Convene periodic reflection meetings for members that periodically lead learning initiatives where members can share through KWCA-supported and/or other learning networks




The scope of this assignment shall entail.

  • Defining and describing the purpose of the strategy and its guiding principles, the principles should be mutually reinforcing and complimentary to ensure that the MEL strategy and its supporting processes and systems meet the desired purpose of learning and accountability. Further the strategy should further describe the responsibilities of person responsible for the operationalisation of the strategy together with the tools required for this purpose.
  • Describe minimum M&E logical models and planning tools ideal for KWCA context and working environment to help meet information needs for all stakeholders and further design templates for each to;
  • Track progress toward a project’s indicator targets,
  • Maps the flow of feedback from stakeholders and identifies how the project will respond to the feedback it receives
  • Incorporate learning activities throughout the life of the project
  • Map stakeholder information needs and helps ensure that MEL communications are systematically planned and managed throughout the life of the project
  • Examine KWCA theory of change, organisation, and conservancies indicators and describe best practices of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning at organisational and project levels. These may include but are not limited to periodic project reviews, MEL Data Quality Assessments, project learning sessions, project evaluation/assessment etc.
  • Develop the provisional action plan for the implementation of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy.




  • Inception report
  • Draft MEL strategy and action plan to be reviewed by KWCA project team for input to be incorporated in the final document
  • Facilitate validation workshop to enlighten staff about the strategy
  • Final validated MEL strategy and action plan submitted to KWCA




KWCA seeks to contract a consultant with the following qualifications/expertise:

  • At least a Master’s degree in Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Project Management, Economics, Information Technology or any other closely related field.;
  • At least 10 years of professional experience working directly with (designing/applying) MEL systems and processes preferably in a Conservation/NRM context
  • Experience leading the design and implementation of MEL strategy and processes within this context, including consultation and workshop facilitation
  • Critical thinker, analytical skills and capacity to generate MEL strategy documents that promote a culture of data-driven decision-making and learning.
  • Creative writing, communication and presentation of information and data




All interested person(s)/firm should electronically submit both technical and financial proposal as one document clearly marked “RFP KWCA – MEL STRATEGY” attaching profile/CV of the consultant/firm including experience in handling similar assignments, a work plan with budget on or before September 12th, 2022 through; Email: [email protected] and cc: [email protected]

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