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Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is the national representative body and voice for the community and private wildlife conservancies in Kenya. As an umbrella body, KWCA’s role is to help catalyse the conservancy movement by connecting, informing, convening, and representing private and community landowners and other key stakeholders in a shared effort to make wildlife conservancies thrive in Kenya. KWCA supports these conservancies through landscape conservancy associations as umbrella organisations at the landscape levels through which conservancies can have a voice, collaborate, share insights and best practices, integrate development planning, and manage conservancies at a large scale.


Towards our ultimate outcome of well-governed and effective conservancies, KWCA has been working to strengthen its own institutional capacity by acquiring the relevant skills, systems, and structures including harmonising data collection from the conservancy level to the national level and enhancing our GIS capacity.


KWCA published its first-ever complete map of the community, group, and private conservancies in Kenya in 2016 and is in the process of finalising the 2021 National map of conservancies which will enlist over 160 conservancies in Kenya. In addition to this, the organisation has acquired an ArcGIS license to support capturing, storing, retrieving, and analysing data within the ArcGIS platform.


KWCA seeks to update its ArcGIS platform in order to document the evolution of conservancies and build a case for conservancies as a mechanism for conserving biodiversity and sustainable community development through the use of data visualisation.




The overall objective of this consultancy is to update KWCA’s ArcGIS platform


The consultant will undertake the following tasks;

  1. Develop story Maps for select KWCA member conservancies and landscape associations through the ArcGIS platform and link the platform to KWCA website.
  2. Transfer KWCA map data of conservancies into the ArcGIS platform
  3. Develop KWCA’s dashboard based on the Map of conservancies and attribute table to enhance data visualisations
  4. Develop an interactive web-based map of conservancies that will enable visualisation of the spatial distribution of the proposed, established, and operational conservancies, tourist sites, and other key information.
  5. Create user groups for landscape associations within the ArcGIS platform
  6. Customise KWCA ArcGIS platform and landscape associations user groups based on branding guidelines
  7. Provide technical support for KWCA staff in managing and periodic update on the platform.




    1. University degree in Geography, Data Management, or any other related field with technical specialisation in Geo-spatial technology, cartography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
    2. Ability to competently operate GIS software (especially ESRI ArcGIS, and have experience in creating visualisation maps/story maps and mapping of protected areas.
    3. Minimum of at least 5 years’ experience in GIS.




The consultant will submit Technical and Financial proposals based on the Terms of Reference outlined above. The Technical Proposal should indicate:

  1. Proposed approach to be taken for the implementation of the consultancy
  2. Full Curriculum Vitae
  3. Timelines
  4. The Financial Proposal should have a detailed budget breakdown with a work plan and costs associated with the assignment including; (a) professional fees and other costs, and; (b) taxes.


Applications should be submitted to [email protected]  by 16th September, 2022

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