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The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is a national landowner-led membership organisation, established in 2013 to serve the interests and collective voice of over 160 community and private conservancies.  KWCA works to create an enabling environment for conservancies to thrive by advocating for the right policies, laws, and incentives and supporting them through information sharing, and capacity building. KWCA recognises that conservancies represent a strong mechanism to promote wildlife stewardship and custodianship by local communities and landowners that share the land with wildlife.

It is imperative for conservancies to maintain, uphold quality standards and carry out best practices as well as spearhead inclusive and sustainable wildlife conservation efforts in the country, to this end we have developed (as well as aided our members to develop) conservancy tools and reports. Among these tools developed is the Conservancy Human Rights Handbook.

It is on this background that KWCA in partnership with WWF-Kenya through implementation of the project, Strengthening Coordination among Community Rangers in Kenya to Deliver Community and Conservation outcomes, seeks the services of a consultant to edit the conservancy human rights handbook.


 Objectives and Scope of Work

The consultant shall undertake an editorial review of the Conservancy Human rights handbook as follows;

  • Familiarise and synthesise the final draft of the human rights handbook ensuring a clear understanding of the logical flow and content of the handbook.
  • Conduct editorial revision of the document with a view to developing a simplified, concise and accessible document.
  • Incorporate feedback and recommendations from partners and secretariat into the handbook

While re-packaging and rewriting the new version, the consultant will ensure to:

  • Retain content and objectivity of the original document;
  • Maintain all the sections and sub-sections of the original document;
  • Reword the headlines and sub-headlines where and if necessary and upon consultation with the secretariat;
  • Propose relevant text to be given prominence through text boxes and other settings
  • Ensure logical and sequential flow of the chapters and content of the final document
  • Revise any flaws in the language, grammar, and presentation of the final documents to attain a comprehensive report that is easy to read, understand and implement.
  • Remove unnecessary information, and repeated text and ensure the document is at the right length
  • Ensure the document complies with KWCA documents structure and is in line or references other existing conservancy tools


Expected Deliverables

  • A revised final Conservancy human rights handbook

Qualifications and Required Competencies

KWCA seeks to contract a consultant with the following qualifications/expertise:

  • Academic qualification in communication, Community development, journalism, Natural resource management, or related disciplines.
  • Proven professional experience in writing and editing for similar organisations and or media
  • Working knowledge of Human rights principles and community-based conservation is an added advantage


Submission of Expression of  Interest

Interested persons should submit an expression of interest indicating  understanding of the terms and indicative remuneration expectation, attach a CV showing experience in handling similar assignments to:  [email protected]   on or before 31st of May 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



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