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Conservancies Policy Analysis Assessment Report

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This report has been prepared as part of an effort by KWCA to define its position on community conservancies and plan for future work to advance this concept and support effective environment and natural resources policy and legislative framework towards securing wildlife dispersal areas on community or private land to enhance wildlife conservation and management through ecosystem services provision and address community challenges.

In order for community conservancies to effectively develop and sustain their governance structures, operations and investments, it is important that a framework for policy harmonisation be developed. KWCA through support from USAID Kenya and East Africa and The Nature Conservancy under the “Community Conservancy Support and Implementation Program” plans supported a study on the in-depth assessment of the environment and natural resource policy and legal frameworks affecting conservancies. This study findings creates a comprehensive baseline and identifies gaps, opportunities, overlaps, and potential conflicts created by the regimes. From the assessment KWCA has developed a policy matrix of key policies and laws that have an influence on conservancies which includes recommendations and priority areas for strengthening national and county policies.

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