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Consultancy to Provide Tax Exemption Support Services

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The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is the national membership representative body and the voice of over 170 community and private conservancies in Kenya. Our role is to support and catalyse the conservancy movement through advocating for policies that support conservancies at national and county levels, empower members through access to information and tools, elevate knowledge on conservancies to the public at national and international level, convene platforms that facilitate peer-to peer learning among members across the country and serve as the coordinated voice of the conservancies.

KWCA is duly registered under the Societies Act Cap 108, Laws of Kenya, and having its place of business at Magadi Tenting Centre, Seminary Road, off Magadi Road and of Post Office Box Number 1038-00517, Nairobi Kenya. In the foregoing, KWCA qualifies for exemption from corporation tax in Kenya under paragraph 10 of the 1st schedule to the Income Tax Act, Cap. 470 of the laws of Kenya.


Objective of the assignment


KWCA is looking to acquire services from a firm/agency/individual to facilitate obtaining of a tax exemption certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).


Scope of Work and Deliverables

  1. Hold an inception meeting with KWCA Team to better understand the priorities and expectations.
  2. Ensure that all pending tax returns for KWCA are filed as required under the national laws;
  3. Provide guidance to KWCA on documentation required and compile the same
  4. Review and endorse all the necessary documentation needed for processing the tax exemption certificate
  5. File application for tax exemption certificate with relevant authority
  6. Finalise any reconciliations that KRA may need to grant tax exemption certificates



  1. Activity workplan
  2. Status report on KWCA tax exemption application
  3. KWCA tax compliance certificate
  4. Tax Exemption Certificates for KWCA


Required qualifications and skills


The company/agency must meet the following specifications:

  1. Duly and legally registered to undertake business in Kenya and compliant with legal requirements of registration;
  2. Experience in statutory tax audit advisory including reporting under International; Financial reporting standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA)
  3. Knowledge and experience in Kenyan tax laws and statutory
  4. Understanding of donor funded programs
  5. Experience in similar work


Submission of Proposal

The proposal should demonstrate sound knowledge, technical skills and capacity as required by the nature of work of the assignment and understanding of the requisite tasks set forth in the scope of work.


Eligible companies/agencies should submit the following;


  1. Technical and financial proposals
  2. Activity schedule
  3. CV of designated personnel
  4. Minimum of two recommendations from previous similar assignments


The proposals should be emailed to [email protected] indicating clearly on the email header the title of the consultancy by Friday 5th August, 2022


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