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KWCA Position on the Natural Resources (Benefit Sharing) Bill, 2022

KWCA in consultation with and on behalf of 175 wildlife conservancies submitted a memorandum on the Natural Resources (Benefit Sharing) Bill, 2022 pursuant to the invitation for memoranda for the Kenya Gazette Supplement no.177 (Senate Bill No.6). KWCA submission of the memorandum is based on the following grounds: Inequitable revenue sharing ratio Failure to consider […]

The Role of Conservancies in Curbing Desertification and Drought

By Dickson Kaelo CEO, Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association   June 17th is the World Day to combat desertification and drought. It was declared  in December 1994, by the United Nations General Assembly,  to give an opportunity to highlight the urgent need to curb the spread of deserts and ravaging droughts, both serious environmental threats in […]

Recent Amendments to the Wildlife Act 2013: Institutional Changes and Penalties

The Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No. 18 of 2018, passed on 31st December 2018 and effective 4th January 2019 substantially amends the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2013, focusing on; Institutional structures & functions changes; New offences and penalties on wildlife crimes Institutional Changes 1. Kenya Wildlife Service Sec 6 (1)– now identified as […]

World Rangers Day: Celebrating Lumo Community Wildlife Conservancy Female Ranger, Ludovika Malemba,

Forty-year-old, mother of four, Ludovika Malemba, a female community ranger from Lumo Community Conservancy emerges top in academics at the KWS law enforcement academy Among 60 community rangers completing the Community Rangers training course at the KWS Law Enforcement Academy (KWS LEA) only 2 are female. Ludovika Malemba stands out, she was awarded best in […]

KWCA launches the National State of Wildlife Conservancies Report 2016

“The success of KWCA is in its cooperation with other regional wildlife conservancies associations and the coordination of conservancies to achieve meaningful impact.”   This is what Francis Nkoitoi, the chairperson of Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Council said on behalf of community landowners at the launch of the first national State of Wildlife Conservancies Report […]

State of Wildlife Conservancies in Kenya Report

Since the emergence of the first conservancies in the 1970s, conservancies have grown in number and their institutional complexity broadened beyond wildlife conservation and tourism to include peace and security, livestock management, land and natural resources management. More recently conservancies are demonstrating impacts as a platform for securing rural community livelihoods, developing social infrastructure, promoting […]