Consultancy Opportunity: Development and Delivery of Nature Based Entreprises Training for Conservancies in Baringo Landscape

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Consultancy Opportunity: Development and Delivery of Nature Based Entreprises Training for Conservancies in Baringo Landscape

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The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is a national landowner led membership organization, established in 2013 to serve the interests and collective voice of over 190 community and private conservancies.  KWCA works to create an enabling environment for conservancies to thrive by advocating for the right policies, laws and incentives and supporting them through information sharing, and capacity building. KWCA recognizes that conservancies represent a strong mechanism to promote wildlife stewardship and custodianship by indigenous people, local communities and landowners that share land with wildlife.

Despite the growth in conservancy numbers over the past decade, women are still majorly excluded from conservancy governance, management and economic value chains and benefits.  It is on this basis that KWCA and its Landscape Associations have trained their focus in promoting equitable benefit sharing among conservancies.

Baringo County Conservancies Association in its capacity as the regional association is committed to incorporating gender mainstreaming in its programming to achieve gender equality at the region and conservancy level and has achieved great progress in increasing women’s rights, and active engagement in conservancy governance, operations and access to benefits.  Specifically, a noticeable number of women are increasingly taking on leadership roles in conservancy governance and management as board members, managers, and rangers. Similarly, more women are also engaging with various income generating activities including artifacts, bead works, selling of honey and its products.

While significant progress has been made in integrating women in conservancy governance, management and economic value chains, majority of them still lack the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently scale production of their enterprises and optimally tap into local, regional and international markets. Inability to access financial resources to support their business is also a pain point.

Against this background, KWCA and BCCA are seeking to recruit a suitable consultant to curate and deliver a training on nature-based enterprises targeting women in conservancies within Baringo Landscape.


The Scope of Consultancy

The overall goal of this consultancy is to enhance economic empowerment of women in conservancies within Baringo Landscape through the development and delivery of a community focused nature-based enterprises training. Additionally, economic empowerment of women in conservancies will potentially enhance their presence in conservancy governance and decision-making process and their contribution to biodiversity conservation.

The above goal shall be achieved through the following tasks:

  1. Develop a comprehensive training curriculum focusing on nature-based enterprise development, including topics such as product development, marketing strategies and financial management.
  2. Conduct training sessions in a participatory and interactive manner ensuring active engagement and practical learning experiences
  3. Provide mentorship and guidance to participants throughout the training program, offering support and advises on enterprise development initiatives



Qualification and Experience

  1. Relevant academic background or professional certifications in fields such as environmental science, business management, sustainable development or related areas
  2. A deep understanding of nature-based enterprises, including sustainable resource management, eco-friendly practices and the intergration of nature conservation into business models
  3. Familiarity with entrepreneurship principles, business development strategues and financial management relevant to nature-based enterprises
  4. Understanding of environmental conservation principles and practices, including technical knowledge on conservancies and biodiversity conservation
  5. Proven experience in designing and delivering training programs and workshops, with the ability to engage diverse audience and create interactive learning experience
  6. Excellent communication, presentation and reporting skills including monitoring knowledge acquisition and retention




  1. A nature-based enterprise training curriculum and training outline tailored to the needs of the women participants
  2. Conducted training sessions with comprehensive materials and resources provided to participants
  3. A workshop report including training approaches/methodologies, participants feedback and recommendations for improvement



Guidelines for proposal submission

The proposal should demonstrate sound knowledge, technical skills, and capacity as required by the nature of work of the assignment and understanding of the requisite tasks outlined in the scope of work. A consultant who meets the above requirement should submit the following:

  • A cover letter outlining relevant experience in line with the key competencies required
  • A technical proposal, detailed implementation plan, and with a clear methodological approach to the assignment
  • Detailed financial proposal
  • Annexed to the proposal should be CVs of key experts outlining previous experience while demonstrating the skills and knowledge required to undertake this assignment


Interested consultants who can deliver this TOR are invited to submit a complete proposal to [email protected] with the subject line “Development and delivery of Nature Based Enterprises Training” on or before March 28th, 2024 by 5 PM EAT.

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