Consultancy opportunity: Development of Pwani Ecosystem Conservancies Foundation (PECFO) Strategic Plan 2024-2028

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Consultancy opportunity: Development of Pwani Ecosystem Conservancies Foundation (PECFO) Strategic Plan 2024-2028

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Terms of Reference

June 2024



The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is a national landowner-led membership organisation, established in 2013 to serve the collective interests of community and private conservancies in Kenya. KWCA recognises that conservancies represent a strong mechanism to promote wildlife stewardship and custodianship by local communities and landowners that share land with wildlife.


The success of KWCA’s programs and activities to conservancies is highly pegged on the capacity of 12 landscape conservancy associations that KWCA works with to mobilise and effectively coordinate conservancies as one voice in their respective landscapes. These landscape associations play a critical role in informing and shaping the development of community conservancies on governance and management structures, have a local presence in their respective counties and are hands-on day to day issues affecting conservancies.


Pwani Ecosystem Conservancies Foundation (PECFO), is among 12 landscape associations registered in 2021 as a Company limited by Guarantee. They cover the coastal landscape, representing marine and terrestrial conservancies across Lamu, Tana River, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale counties.  KWCA has categorised PECFO under the start-up/conceptual stage by KWCA.


To support PECFO have a structured and sustained growth for the next four years, KWCA seeks the services of a consultant to facilitate a consultative process on development of PECFO’s first strategic plan (2024-2028). The strategic plan is intended to guide PECFO strengthen its institutional capacity on governance and management structures, grow its membership, build its advocacy capacity, enable effective partnerships and enhance its visibility and structures to enable self-reliance.


Objective of the assignment


The objective of the consultancy is to;


  1. Facilitate and document a consultative process with PEFCO board, members and partners to seek feedback on the 2024-2028 strategic plan
  2. To establish the existing organisational capacity of PECFO that will inform the prioritisation of strategies within the strategic plan.
  3. To develop a common and shared vision, mission, goals and strategies that guide the growth and development of AKWCA over the next 4 years


Scope of Work


The consultant shall facilitate a process to develop the strategic plan as follows;


  1. Carry out a situational analysis through literature reviews and in depth interviews with key stakeholders to establish the current status and incorporate stakeholder’s input in the PECFO strategic plan.
  2. Carry out a visioning exercise with the PECFO board, conservancy representatives and key partners supporting the organization to identify strengths, weaknesses, constraints/threats and opportunities for growth and development in the landscape.
  3. Facilitate development of clear strategies, objectives and activities and incorporate an implementation with a budget. ,
  4. Submit a final strategic plan that incorporate recommendations from the validation meeting.



The consultant shall deliver to KWCA the following deliverables to reflect all the work done as follows within 7 weeks upon signing of contract

1.   Submit an inception report detailing the methodology/ approaches and timelines associated with this consultancy.

  1. Facilitate a visioning exercise of the board, staff and key stakeholders by 12th July 2024
  2. Hold a validation workshop by end of July
  3. Submit PECFO’s  five-year Strategic Plan 2024-2028 incorporating feedback from the validation workshop by 10th August


Submission of Proposal

The submission of this proposal is pursuant to the implementation of an MOU between PECFO and KWCA dated June 21th 2024. KWCA facilitated the process to develop PECFO current strategic plan and played a pivotal role in addressing institutional growth and program support during the plan period. The institutional memory, background to various decisions and growth paths and the role that KWCA played in engaging PECFO and other similar organizations provides an opportunity for this task to be undertaken in a cost effective and efficient way. PECFO therefore invites KWCA to facilitate this process by a reply to this ToR


The consultant should submit the following.


  1. Technical and financial proposal detailing the scope of work
  2. Workplan showing the steps to execute the task and the activity schedule
  3. CV of designated personnel
  4. Minimum of 2 recommendations from previous assignments


The proposals should be emailed to [email protected] indicating clearly on the email header the title of the consultancy by 29th  June, 2024

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