Consultancy Opportunity: TTWCA Organisational Capacity Assessment and Governance Board Training

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Consultancy Opportunity: TTWCA Organisational Capacity Assessment and Governance Board Training

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Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is the national umbrella body representing wildlife conservancies in Kenya. KWCA’s role is to catalyse conservancies growth by serving as a national coordinating voice, advocate for policies that support conservancies at national and county levels, empower members through access to information and tools, elevate knowledge on conservancies, to public at national and international level, and convene platforms that facilitate peer-to peer learning among members across the country.


KWCA works with its conservancy members through 11 landscape conservancy associations, to enable effective reach out to 160 conservancies across the country. In the past 2 decades, the conservancy movement is on an upward trajectory growth, which is being accompanied by a host of organisational and institutional changes with far-reaching significance for Kenya’s conservation sector. This is occurring at the grassroots landscape and at the national levels. The success of KWCA’s programs and activities to conservancies is highly pegged on the capacity of the landscape associations to mobilise its conservancy members and effectively engage. At the grassroots levels, landscape associations also play a critical role in informing and shaping the development of conservancies especially community ones, on governance matters. They have a more permanent presence on the ground, and are hands-on to day issues affecting conservancies.


KWCA is undertaking organisational capacity development for Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association (TTWCA) , with the objective of enabling it to move to the mature stage, build structures that facilitate its journey to self-reliance and long-term sustainability. Further support to TTWCA will build on the above developments, thus enabling set in place a framework for conservancy establishment in this new frontier.



KWCA seeks to contract consultancy services to undertake the following;


  1. Undertake comprehensive organisational Capacity Assessment (OCA) for TTWCA, with the aim of establishing the existing institutional governance, management and operational capacities, gaps, challenges and opportunities for growth;
  2. Develop a comprehensive institutional strengthening plan informed by the OCA, which details the areas, systems and processes required to develop governance, management and operational capacities of TTWCA
  3. Undertake board training on good governance with the aim of promoting inclusive leadership, strategic vision and direction, good oversight and stewardship of TTWCA resources and effective resource mobilisation.
  4. The OCA which will focus on the following, but not limited to the following areas;
    1. Governance and legal structure
    2. Clarity on mission and vision of the organisation
    3. Organisational management
    4. Program management and performance management
    5. Financial management and internal control systems
    6. Administration and procurement systems
    7. Human resource systems
    8. Organisational sustainability
    9. Succession planning




  1. Organisational capacity assessment
  2. Institutional Strengthening Plan
  3. Undertake board training on good governance



Application Requirements


Interested individual consultant/consultancy firms are required to submit the following documentation:


  1. A technical proposal with detailed response to the TOR, with specific focus on addressing the scope of work, methodology to be used, practical operational tools to be deployed in the OCA, work plan for delivery and indication of availability;
  2. Demonstrable experience in Conducting OCA or related work;
  3. A financial proposal detailing the daily rate expected, transportation costs, accommodation costs,
  4. Company profile or CV including a minimum of 2 traceable, recent and relevant references to this task; provide team composition with a lead consultant (if a firm), and a CV of each person to be involved in the assignment, including relevant experience in Organisational Development/Organisational Capacity Assessment in within the conservation sector.


The narrative and financial proposals be submitted to [email protected] and copy [email protected]  by 14th  April, 2021.

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