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 Consultancy to Develop an Organisational Culture Handbook

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 Consultancy Opportunity to Develop an Organisational Culture Handbook 

Terms of Reference 



The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is a national landowner led membership organisation, established in 2013 to serve the collective interests of over 190 community and private conservancies. KWCA works to create an enabling environment for conservancies to thrive by advocating for the right policies, laws and incentives and supporting them through information sharing, and capacity building. KWCA recognises that conservancies represent a strong mechanism to promote wildlife stewardship and custodianship by local communities and landowners that share land with wildlife. 

In the last 10 years, KWCA has grown from a relatively nascent start-up organisation to a more effective and established organisation that now plays a critical national leadership role in the country’s conservation, environment and natural resources sector. In addition, KWCA has evolved into a respected and trusted authority in community conservation locally and globally as is evidenced by its growth in membership growth and strategic partnerships. 


The KWCA team has grown from a team of two staff to twenty staff in a relatively short period. With this growth, there comes many changes to the team dynamics. With that, KWCA plans to develop an organisational culture handbook to; 

1. Clarify Organisational Values: Clearly defining and communicating the core values and beliefs of the organisation to align employees with the company’s mission and vision. 

2. Provide Guidance: Offering guidance on expected behaviours, norms, and practices within the organisation to ensure consistency and coherence in actions and decisions. 

3. Promote Understanding: Facilitating a shared understanding of the organisation’s culture, including its history, traditions, and cultural nuances, among employees at all levels. 

4. Support Onboarding: Assisting new hires in acclimating to the organisation’s culture by providing them with insights, expectations, and cultural norms to ease the transition. 

5. Foster Engagement: Enhancing employee engagement and commitment by promoting a positive and inclusive culture that values diversity, collaboration, and innovation. 

6. Build Consistency: Establishing a common language and framework for discussing and driving cultural initiatives across different departments or teams within the organisation. 

7. Encourage Accountability: Setting clear expectations for conduct and performance aligned with the organisation’s values and holding individuals accountable for upholding those standards. 

8. Drive Organisational Change: Serving as a tool for managing culture change initiatives, such as mergers, acquisitions, or strategic shifts, by guiding employees through the transition. 


Objective of the assignment 

KWCA is looking to acquire services from a firm/agency/individual to undertake the development of an organisational culture handbook to cultivate a strong and positive culture that enhances employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall organisational performance 


Scope of Work 

The tasks are as follows; 

1. Hold an inception meeting with KWCA management Team to better understand the requirements, priorities and expectations from the onset. 

2. Facilitate a workshop with the KWCA team to get an understanding of the team needs and requirements 

3. Develop the respective handbook and share the draft culture handbook 

4. Incorporate feedback and share the final document 


Key Deliverables

1. Workplan and inception report 

2. Workshop report 

3. Draft Handbook 

4. Final version of the Organisational Culture Handbook 



Required qualifications and skills 

The consultant must meet the following specifications: 

1. An advanced degree in human resources management or related subject 

2. At least 5 years of professional experience in the HR consulting field mainly in organisational development, corporate governance preferably working in/with NGOs 

3. Registered with the Institute of Human Resource Management Kenya 

4. Flexible, creative, detail-oriented and well organised 

5. Ability to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism and sound judgement 

6. Strong communication and interpersonal skills 


Submission of Proposal 

The proposal should demonstrate sound knowledge, technical skills and capacity as required by the nature of work of the assignment and understanding of the requisite tasks set forth in the scope of work. 

Eligible consultants should submit the following; 

1. Technical and financial proposals 

2. Date and activity schedule 

3. CV of designated personnel 

4. Minimum of 2 recommendations from previous assignments 

5. Company/Individual registration documents; Registration certificates, CR12 certificates, KRA certificates and Tax compliance Certificates 


The proposals should be emailed to [email protected] indicating clearly on the email header the title of the consultancy by Monday 22nd July, 2024 

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