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Consultancy to Support RISE Project Steering group Learning Workshop

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Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) is the national representative body and voice for community and private wildlife conservancies in Kenya. As an umbrella body, KWCA’s role is to help catalyse the conservancy movement by connecting, informing, convening and representing private and community landowners and other key stakeholders in a shared effort to make wildlife conservancies thrive in Kenya. KWCA supports these conservancies through rl associations as umbrella organisations at an ecosystem level through which conservancies can have a voice, collaborate, share insights and best practices, integrate development planning and manage conservancies at a large scale.

KWCA in partnership with Flora and Fauna International (FFI), CARE International in Kenya (CARE) and the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) have in the last 16 months been implementing a USAID Resilience, Inclusive and Sustainable Environments (RISE) Challenge Award  to advance equitable gender, social and power norms in Kenya’s community conservancies.

The project goal is to improve KWCA’s capacity to prevent Gender Based Violence (GBV) and promote gender equity within Kenya’s conservancies and serve as a resource for landscape conservancy associations and member conservancies.

The project has adopted CARE’S Social Analysis and Action (SAA) Model for gender transformation. It is a community-led social change process through which individuals and communities explore and challenge social norms, beliefs and practices around gender and sexuality that shape their lives.


KWCA in collaboration with the partner organisations are working to:

  1. Strengthen institutional capacity of KWCA staff, policies, structures and culture that promote gender equality and GBV prevention
  2. Increase consciousness and motivation of staff and leadership of KWCA and Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association (TTWCA) to reflect on their own biases and beliefs, enhance confidence in discussing sensitive issues, motivate attitudinal change on unequal gender and power norms and promote gender equality and GBV prevention through their work
  3. Promote gender equality and prevent GBV amongst its membership and their operations.
  4. Contribute to the GBV-environment evidence base in relation to access and control of land and natural resources and the conservation initiatives designed to support their sustainable management.

Project learning will contribute both to KWCA’s improved gender capacity and to the wider GBV-environment knowledge base in relation to access and control of land and natural resources and the conservation initiatives designed to support their sustainable management.



  • To provide overall facilitation of the peer learning event in Taita Taveta on 21st to 25th June 2022 to help bring out the lessons learnt, and approaches that are working and not for scale-up
  • To document learning and best practices from the implementation of RISE project


Scope of Work

The PSG comprising technical experts in gender and conservancy management is meeting to consolidate its learning, and reflect on the evidence and best practice from the RISE project to date. The consultant will be required to complete the following tasks as part of this assignment

  1. Conduct a review of project documents to gain a good understanding of the project and the purpose of the workshop
  2. Develop a knowledge management plan for the workshop to ensure a coherent knowledge management plan and documentation process is in place
  3. Review project learning questions and propose session designs to ensure the questions are reflected on and answered
  4. Capture evidence of what is working well and not so well under the project and ensure these are well documented
  5. Work with the workshop planning team to identify potential facilitators from participants who can help deliver the sessions
  6. Facilitate key workshop sessions that require expert in put in drawing out key lessons as agreed with the workshop planning team
  7. Produce a workshop report that captures the significant learning, lessons and good practice emerging from the workshop



  • Inception report detailing the methodology and plan jointly developed with KWCA team
  • Learning Report highlighting the key lessons learnt, what can be improved and how these can be taken forward by the project



The consultant will provide the services described under “Scope of Work “according to the following time schedule:

  • Develop an inception report by 27th July 2022
  • Submit final learning report by 8th July 2022


Required Qualifications

  • At least a Master’s degree in the Social Sciences and a minimum of 5 years’ experience in research, learning or facilitation processes
  • Experience in knowledge management processes and systems for institutional learning using a wide range of learning techniques and participatory tools is an asset.
  • Knowledge on Gender and Inclusion issues in development is essential
  • Knowledge and or experience within the environment and conservations would be a great asset


Submission of proposal

The proposal should demonstrate sound knowledge, technical skills and capacity as required by the nature of work of the assignment and understanding of the requisite tasks set forth in the scope of work.


Eligible consultants should submit the following;

  1. Technical and financial report
  2. Date and activity schedule
  3. CV of designated personnel
  4. Previous submitted reports


The proposals should be emailed to [email protected] indicating clearly on the email header the title of the consultancy by  Saturday 18th June, 2022


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